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Medical Affairs

A better way for

MSL training

Need to collaborate with internal colleagues or with a project team with a mix of internal and external stakeholders? Use the MedicalGoGo platform to engage MSL team members or with HCPs spread across different locations, countries, or even continents.

24/7 accessibility means you never interfere with anyone’s local work schedule, and a robust structured platform sharpens your team’s focus for better engagement and training.

Deploy internal training with ease. Upskill an MSL team quickly and consistently.

Structured Platform

 Outcome driven  

Focus your training and engagement with a structured workflow that features automatic reminders and in-system deadlines.

Training and Knowledge Assessment


Allow individuals to access training resources on their own schedule and ensure that training is complete and successful.

Discussions anytime


Open all day and night. Allowing flexibility in discussions across different time-zones avoiding logistical obstacles for engagement.

Case Study

See how a medical affairs team conducted new 
disease area training 


Total participation

Our outcome-driven platform delivers active engagement from all attendees.

Less wasted time

Training and engagement takes less effort, optimising the value of these activities.

Smarter Teams

Better engagement with teams to build a stronger knowledge foundation

Ready for better engagement?