Medical Planning

for the 21st century.

The external medical landscape is changing dramatically, mainly driven by an evolution of stakeholders, the emergence of new data sources and an increased demand for better (and more specific) scientific information. We are now also seeing a fundamental shift in pipelines to focus more on rare diseases. This is a shift from where we had been 10 or 15 years ago, when chronic diseases made up the bulk of most companies pipelines. So our medical planning has evolved too.


Use our medical knowledge and 
build better strategic plans 

We help generate ideas with our deep insights from existing medical connections. We think out of the box and work with you to create innovate solutions to real challenges in specific therapy areas.


Working with your  
medical teams

We plan and manage the whole development cycle to deliver a robust medical plan built from the ground up on real insights.

Powerful Engagement Tools

Built for 
maximal engagement

We brainstorm, we challenge, we create, we build amazing plans that will drive your medical initiatives to deliver outcomes that generate value.

  Business Results 

Integrated process

Streamline the path to medical planning by bringing all stakeholders together onto one virtual platform

Insight driven plans

Real medical strategy built on real insights from many stakeholders

Connected plans

Medical plans that consider people, processes and strategies linked with metrics and technology

Ready for better medical planning?