Medical Affairs

Virtual Advisory Boards, delivering

better engagement & deep insights

Digital ad-boards which provide enhanced flexibility during the current COVID-19 environment.

A wrap-around service which provides support at all critical stages of the ad-board, to ensure that you get a winning formula:

  • An engaging and ABPI compliant agenda, which will fully address your questions
  • The right HCP representation to provide a balanced and informative discussion
  • Pre-meeting surveys to engage HCPs and provide meaningful insights
  • Medically qualified host who will facilitate throughout the ad-board to ensure engagement and keep the discussion on track
  • Post ad-board report summarising the key insights and providing recommendations for the next steps

“Our digital ad-boards tell you what you NEED to hear and not what you want to hear”.

360 wrap around DiSCUSSIONS


We engage the HCPs before, during and after the meeting. We collect insights through the whole ad-board journey

Powerful ENGAGEMENT Tools

Built for 
maximum participation 

Easily accessible on any device, so advisors can engage on their own time—wherever they are.

Flexible Engagement

One platform. 
Many ways to engage. 

From open-ended questions to multiple choice to document annotation, MedicalGoGo’s versatile platform is designed to focus on the insights you need from advisors.

Case Study

See how a European 
medical affairs team 

used Medicalgogo.

  Business Results 

Deeper Insights

Give stakeholders time to consider answers and formulate responses before and after the ad board—for richer, more meaningful insights.

Fewer Logistical Headaches

No more emails backwards and chasing contracts and slide sets. Everything done seemlessly on one integrated platform.

Better Decisions

Make smarter, efficient decisions with engaging ad boards and an analytical report with key strategic recommendations from medical experts within 1 week!

Ready for better Advisory Boards?