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Exploring ABPI Code Principles: Case Study Workshop

The Hands-on Case Study Workshop in the ABPI Mentorship Programme: Enhancing Code Compliance and Practical Application

The Hands-on Case Study Workshop is a pivotal component of the ABPI Mentorship Programme. This interactive workshop is designed to provide mentees with a unique opportunity to engage in practical exercises and collaborate in breakout groups to critique real-life case studies related to the ABPI Code of Practice. By actively analysing and presenting their findings, mentees gain valuable insights into the complexities of code compliance and its application in the pharmaceutical industry.

Workshop Overview:

1. Real-life Case Studies: The workshop features carefully curated real-life case studies, drawn from the pharmaceutical industry, which present complex compliance challenges. These case studies mirror scenarios that mentees may encounter in their professional roles, creating a meaningful and relatable learning experience.

2. Breakout Group Discussions: During the workshop, mentees are divided into breakout groups to facilitate focused discussions and collaboration. Each group is tasked with analysing a specific case study, allowing participants to contribute their unique perspectives and insights.

3. Code Issues Identification: In their breakout groups, mentees actively scrutinise the case studies to identify any potential code violations or compliance issues. This exercise encourages mentees to think critically and apply their knowledge of the ABPI Code of Practice in a practical setting.

4. Practical Application: The workshop emphasises the application of theoretical knowledge to real-world scenarios. By participating in these hands-on exercises, mentees are better prepared to handle similar situations with confidence and compliance expertise in their professional roles.

5. Group Presentations: Following the breakout discussions, each group presents their findings and code issue identifications to the larger audience. This collaborative presentation format encourages engagement, knowledge sharing, and healthy debate among participants.


1. Enhanced Code Understanding: The Hands-on Case Study Workshop deepens mentees’ understanding of the ABPI Code of Practice by exposing them to real-life situations that demand critical analysis and application of compliance principles.

2. Practical Skill Development: By engaging in group discussions and presenting findings, mentees develop practical skills in identifying and addressing code issues, fostering a compliance-oriented mindset within the workforce.

3. Team Collaboration: The breakout group format promotes collaboration and teamwork, enabling mentees to work together effectively in addressing complex compliance challenges collectively.

4. Compliance Accountability: The workshop reinforces the importance of individual and collective accountability for adhering to the ABPI Code of Practice, fostering a culture of compliance within the organisation.

5. Code Adherence Preparedness: Mentees who participate in the Hands-on Case Study Workshop are better equipped to handle real-world code compliance scenarios, reducing the risk of potential violations and safeguarding the reputation of the company.

In Summary:

The Hands-on Case Study Workshop within the ABPI Mentorship Programme, led by Dr. Anzal Qurbain, offers a valuable and engaging learning experience for mentees seeking to enhance their code compliance expertise. By delving into real-life case studies, mentees gain practical insights into the complexities of adhering to the ABPI Code of Practice, ensuring they are well-prepared to navigate regulatory challenges in their professional roles. The workshop’s focus on collaboration, analysis, and practical application makes it an ideal addition to any compliance training initiative, promoting ethical conduct and responsible compliance within the pharmaceutical industry.

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