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During this busy and challenging time, HCPs only have time for meaningful conversations with pharma and this relationship is more important now than ever before. 

Strategic digital engagement is critical and can only be achieved through a customised bespoke journey. At MedicalGoGo, we are passionate about all things medical and digital. We work closely with HCPs and plan an individual journey for each HCP that suits their needs and availability. We are a growing team of HCPs and Medical Affairs experts. We combine NHS knowledge with Pharma industry knowledge and create amazing medical programmes and truly innovative HCP journeys.

Each individual HCP journey is created upfront and in collaboration with input from HCPs, with the overall aim of enhancing engagement and advocacy. Through creative digital solutions, we deliver innovative medical affairs activities, which achieve enhanced HCP engagement. We continually review the individual HCP interest/engagement and refine the individual journey, as necessary. Our aim is to deliver a powerful and effective journey for all HCPs and ultimately to enhance patient care and power your success.  

The new world is a digital world and the new normal is a digital normal. So don’t wait for tomorrow, start building your digital HCP journey today….and see where you can go…..with medicalgogo.

Talk to us……..wherever you are starting from…..we will work with you to build the right onward journey

Our expertise has grown with our projects – we now have experts from many disciplines. Have a closer look at our team below, you will notice very few project handlers or so called ‘account directors’ because we believe in pricing for ‘hands-on’ work done (we don’t charge/waste your money on project managing and gantt charts….!!)…thats why we have a lean, expert, focussed team of specialists. We are not bloated with project managers….come and experience a new world of medical affairs delivery, not frilly willy account management……compare us with your current agency….and question what you are paying for?!

We define the objectives and project goals with you upfront, we then put a project schedule in place and set key milestones and KPIs….and then off we go……..we deliver on time…….on budget…….on point – Job done.

Some of our people and advisors


Dr Anzal Q

Founder and Strategy
Christos S

Christo S

Medical Writer
Digi F

Digi F

IT geek
Screenshot 2021-04-02 at 14.33.12

Dr Ash B

NHS GP Advisor

Faisal A

Scientific Advisor

Peter R

Events and Conferences
Lucia C

Lucia C

Seema G

Seema G

Pharmacy and final Signatory
Giovanni U

Giovanni U

Journey Planner

Mariam I

Medical Writer
Adam T

Adam T

Marketing & Business
Laura S

Laura S

Mark C

Mark C

Scientific Affairs
Claire S

Claire S

Project manager
Screenshot 2021-04-02 at 14.50.04

John E

Senior Medical Writer
Claire T

Claire T

Mo A

Dr Mo A

NHS Hospital advisor
SEO experts

Raza S

SEO expert
janaki B

Dr Janaki B

Psychiatrist advisor
Screenshot 2021-04-02 at 14.54.43

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The MedicalGoGo platform has raised the bar with regards to engagement with HCPs

UK and ROI Medical Director