CCG guideline mapping

across the UK

Want to know if your product is on hospital trust protocols or guidelines? We can identify which CCG or trust has your product in a protocol or guideline and which line of therapy it is in. We provide you with a comprehensive map of the country so you can plan your medical education activities accordingly.


Get a clear  
visual overview

Makes it easier for geographical resource planning of activities. Heat maps will highlight the hotspots that you need to focus on and give you the big picture overview.


Analysis of guidelines with a simple easy 
results summary

Full medical review of protocols highlighting deficiencies and strengths in an easy to digest summary.


Full project 

Automatic status updates and complete report preparation and presentation to your key internal stakeholders. The report includes key recommendations.

Case Study

Learn how a leading drug company used MedicalGoGo for CCG guideline mapping 
key insight generation

  Business Results 

Shorter timelines

Reduced the time it took to gather insights compared to MSL field work, by 12 months!

Hassle free insights

Complete project from beginning to end - hassle free

Medical recommendations

MedicalGoGo experts analysed all the findings and gave strategy driven medical affairs recommendations.

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