Empowering ABPI Code Mentees: Personalised 1-2-1 Viva Sessions for Code Compliance

1-2-1 Feedback Viva Sessions as an integral part of the ABPI Mentorship Programme: Enhancing Code Understanding and Practical Application


The 1-2-1 Feedback Viva Sessions are an integral component of the ABPI Mentorship Programme, designed and led by Dr. Anzal Qurbain. These personalised sessions aim to provide mentees with a supportive and constructive environment to discuss topics related to the ABPI Code of Practice and its practical application in their respective roles within the pharmaceutical industry. The sessions play a crucial role in empowering mentees with the knowledge and skills necessary to navigate complex compliance challenges effectively.

Session Overview:

1. Personalised Interaction: Each mentee receives individual attention during the 1-2-1 Feedback Viva Sessions, ensuring a personalised and tailored approach to their specific learning needs. Dr. Anzal Qurbain takes the time to understand each mentee’s background, role, and responsibilities, allowing for a more targeted discussion that aligns with their unique professional context.

2. Code Interpretation and Application: The primary focus of the sessions is to foster a deep understanding of the ABPI Code of Practice and its implications for everyday scenarios in the pharmaceutical industry. Dr. Qurbain engages in interactive discussions, encouraging mentees to share their experiences and challenges in applying the code. This approach enables mentees to gain insights into real-world scenarios and develop practical solutions.

3. Real-life Case Studies: To reinforce the learning process, the 1-2-1 sessions incorporate real-life case studies from the industry. Mentees are presented with hypothetical compliance scenarios, encouraging them to analyse, discuss, and propose suitable courses of action in alignment with the ABPI code.

4. Open Dialogue and Q&A: The sessions create an open and safe environment where mentees can ask questions, seek clarification on code interpretations, and voice any concerns they may have encountered in their professional roles. Dr. Qurbain addresses these queries with utmost transparency and expertise, ensuring mentees gain clarity on the code’s application.

5. Practical Guidance: Dr. Qurbain offers practical guidance on effectively implementing compliance measures in various contexts, including marketing, advertising, interactions with healthcare professionals, and patient engagement. This hands-on guidance equips mentees with the tools to make compliant decisions that uphold the highest ethical standards.

Benefits of these sessions:

1. Enhanced Code Understanding: The 1-2-1 Feedback Viva Sessions significantly contribute to deepening mentees’ understanding of the ABPI Code of Practice. This heightened awareness helps them make well-informed decisions that align with both industry regulations and ethical standards.

2. Real-world Application: The incorporation of real-life case studies allows mentees to apply their knowledge to practical scenarios, building their confidence in handling compliance challenges effectively.

3. Tailored Learning: The personalised nature of these sessions ensures that each mentee’s learning journey is optimised to their specific needs, allowing them to make meaningful progress in their professional development.

4. Compliance Monitoring: The 1-2-1 Feedback Viva Sessions act as an effective mechanism for monitoring compliance awareness among mentees, as their responses to case studies and discussions reveal their comprehension of the ABPI Code.

In Summary:

The 1-2-1 Feedback Viva Sessions in the ABPI Mentorship Programme, led by Dr. Anzal Qurbain, serve as a key catalyst in empowering mentees with in-depth knowledge and practical insights into the ABPI Code of Practice. These personalised sessions foster a culture of compliance, equipping mentees with the necessary tools to navigate regulatory challenges effectively. The program’s structure and focus on practical application make it highly suitable for employees seeking to enhance their compliance expertise and promote ethical conduct within the pharmaceutical industry.

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