KOL mapping

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When launching a product in a new therapy area it takes time to understand who and where the correct KOLs that you should be engaging with are located. But how about the key centres? and power maps – who is connected to who and which KOLs are leaders in the field. This kind of activity needs care, expertise and careful planning and not to mention loads of time to be done correctly and compliantly.

Focussed on KEY KOLs

Gain quick understanding to 
build plans 

We can get names, locations, what they do and who they are connected with and put all the pieces together. Done in weeks not months or years. We even take your existing contacts/names and incorporate them within our search to give you additional up-to-date details.


Our data is updated monthly to give you information that is 
fresh and objective

We track new publications and connections as they happen.

Incredible insights

You choose the 

We provide maps, network graphs and media scores. So you can get the key insights that you need.

Case Study

Learn how a leading pharma company  
jump-started their medical planning with precision

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Save time

Find the right KOLs quickly

Fresh and Objective

Information always at your finger tips

Incredible Insights

You choose the criteria and we provide you maps and graphs and scores that will amaze you

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