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for the code of practice 2021

The revised ABPI code 2021 is a significant update, with a range of notable changes. To ensure its future relevance, the code has incorporated the changes from EFPIA’s code, while also addressing existing issues. With a completely new appearance, including new clauses and definitions, the code offers a more comprehensive scope. Notably, there is greater focus on ‘contracted services,’ reflecting the evolving nature of the pharmaceutical industry. These changes represent an important step forward in ensuring that the code remains fit for purpose, while also strengthening the industry’s commitment to transparency and ethical behavior. As such, it is essential that all those involved in the industry familiarise themselves with the new code, and ensure their practices align with its requirements.

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We provide final signatory services with our own experienced signatories who know how to navigate the new code.

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Make the whole process seamless and be reassured that all steps in the copy approval process are taken care of by experienced copy reviewers.


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Automatic status updates and participation reminders ensure that we work as one integrated team and always on schedule.

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Streamline the path to copy approval bringing all collaborators together on one platform.

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Be reassured that experienced final signatories are looking after your copy approval process

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Get all parties contributing like never before. Superior engagement and seamless integration with your processes.

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