Medical Affairs

Better insights from expert

Steering Committees 

We develop amazing scientific committees with hand-picked members who have the relevant knowledge that will support your strategy development and help you keep focussed on the real insights that will drive planning and appropriate company activities.

A single platform where steering committee members can share documents, save minutes and discuss comments with each other. Connected engagement 24/7 – members can connect and engage when they have time, making the whole experience an enjoyable and productive one.


A single place for 
every resource 

With a simple ‘one location’ resource repository it makes it so easy and quick to save and share documents. All edits and comments in real-time and visible to all members.


Managed Virtual Meetings


One click simple meetings – scheduled and delivered with seamless integration. Dedicated private meeting rooms available 24/7.

Discussions that engage


Members can participate in meetings at their convenience—for deep engagement without the scheduling hassles.

  Business Results 

Faster insights

Engage participants on a flexible virtual platform for quicker turnaround times—and get to the important stuff faster.

User-friendly engagement

Our virtual platform allows committee members to contribute where-ever and when they want to, and delivers a single place for all their discussions, meetings and resources.

Fewer logistical headaches

Our 24/7 environment and unified meeting platform make it easier than ever to schedule and execute meetings and panel discussions.

Ready for better Steering Committees?