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Enhancing Ethical Practices: Weekly Group ABPI Code Mentorship Discussions

Weekly Group Mentorship Meetings: A Comprehensive ABPI Code Learning Experience

The Weekly Group Mentorship Meetings are an integral and dynamic aspect of the ABPI Code Mentorship Programme. These interactive sessions serve as a platform for mentees to explore all key topics of the ABPI Code of Practice. The meetings not only delve into weekly case studies, but they also encourage mentees to discuss real-world ABPI work-related challenges they encounter in their professional roles on a daily basis. These mentorship group meetings are carefully designed to deliver significant benefits, foster compliance adherence, and prove highly suitable for employees seeking to enhance their compliance knowledge.

Key weekly topics include:

1. Basic Principles of the Code: Understanding the foundational principles that guide ethical conduct within the pharmaceutical industry, ensuring compliance with the ABPI Code.

2. Meetings and Congresses: Exploring the compliance requirements and guidelines for organising and participating in meetings and congresses within the industry.

3. Printed Materials: Understanding best practices for compliance with the ABPI Code when producing and distributing printed promotional materials and communications.

4. Public Relations: Delving into the compliance considerations when engaging in public relations activities, ensuring adherence to industry regulations and ethical standards.

5. Patients and General Public: Emphasising the significance of patient-centricity and compliance obligations when interacting with patients and the general public.

6. Donations and Grants and Collaborative Working: Understanding the compliance protocols for handling donations and grants, and engaging in collaborative projects within the pharmaceutical sector.

7. Digital Communications: Navigating the compliance requirements for digital advertising and promotional activities, ensuring adherence to digital communication guidelines.

8. Research: Exploring the ethical considerations and compliance guidelines when conducting research studies within the pharmaceutical industry.

9. Sales Representatives: Understanding the compliance expectations for sales representatives, ensuring they adhere to the ABPI Code while engaging with healthcare professionals and customers.

Weekly Group Mentorship Meetings Format:

1. Comprehensive Coverage: Each weekly session delves into a specific ABPI Code topic, ensuring that all key areas are thoroughly explored over the course of the mentorship programme.

2. Case Study Analysis: Weekly case studies are presented, allowing mentees to analyse and discuss real-life compliance scenarios, fostering critical thinking and practical application of the ABPI Code.

3. Group Discussions: Interactive group discussions encourage mentees to share insights, experiences, and challenges related to the ABPI Code and its practical application within their daily work.

4. Q&A and Mentorship Guidance: Dr. Anzal Qurbain provides mentees with valuable guidance and feedback, supporting their understanding and interpretation of the ABPI Code in real-world contexts.


1. Holistic Learning: The Weekly Group Mentorship Meetings provide mentees with a comprehensive and immersive learning experience, covering all key aspects of the ABPI Code.

2. Practical Application: The case study analysis and discussions facilitate the practical application of the ABPI Code, preparing mentees to handle compliance challenges with confidence.

3. Real-World Relevance: The mentorship meetings’ focus on real work-related topics ensures that mentees address actual compliance issues faced in their roles, contributing to a culture of responsible compliance within the organisation.

4. Expert Guidance: Dr. Anzal Qurbain’s mentorship expertise and feedback nurture mentees’ professional growth, promoting a deeper understanding of compliance principles.

5. Continuous Improvement: The interactive nature of the meetings encourages ongoing learning and development, allowing mentees to continually enhance their compliance knowledge and practices.

In Summary:

The Weekly Group Mentorship Meetings within the ABPI Mentorship Programme offer an unparalleled and comprehensive learning experience on the ABPI Code of Practice. By integrating weekly case studies and discussions on real-world ABPI work-related topics, mentees are equipped to apply compliance principles effectively in their professional roles. The mentorship programme fosters a culture of compliance, responsible conduct, and continuous improvement among employees in the pharmaceutical industry. You can be confident that this well-structured mentorship programme will benefit employees and ensure adherence to industry regulations, making it highly suitable for your organisation’s compliance objectives.

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