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While the usage of gamification for serious learning has been there for nearly a decade, there is often a question mark on its impact and ROI. Just see some of the ways this innovative learning can take your learning engagement to another level. The ROI speaks for itself.


Engage your 

  • Capture and retain learners attention
  • Challenge them
  • Engage them
  • Teach them
  • Ensure they complete the learning journey


It has many 

  • Learning acquisition
  • Performance improvement
  • Upskilling on disease and products
  • Internal staff training

Enhanced learning

Built for 
amazing experiences

It’s visual, interactive and fun. Customers have described it as a ‘magical learning experience’. 

Case Study

Learn how a leading drug company used gamification 
to enhance engagement

of their courses

  Business Results 

Learning objectives met

Achieve your learning targets and goals. All of our courses get CPD accreditation as standard.

No more worries

The ROI will speak for itself. Now you can be sure that the medical plan has met its education imperatives and HCPs have learnt what you have developed for them.

Better engagement

HCPs love learning through the MedicalGoGo platform and keep coming back voluntarily for more. We have a waiting list!

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