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Smarter healthcare

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'We see opportunities where others see problems'

A warm and enthusiastic welcome to our new team of brilliant AI experts! We are thrilled to have them on board as we embark on our mission to explore and develop cutting-edge AI-powered solutions.

With their vast knowledge and skills, we can now take our business to new heights as we work together to revolutionise the AI industry. Seeing the possibilities and endless opportunities that AI has to offer, we are inspired and driven to create innovative solutions that can change the world for the better.

So let’s roll up our sleeves, put on our thinking caps, and get ready to unlock the full potential of AI. Together, we can achieve greatness and create a future that is both exciting and full of possibilities.

Cheers to a new beginning and a fruitful partnership ahead!

Founder & CEO


At MedicalGoGo: 
we develop communities 
that expand the patient market

MedicalGoGo: Elevating HCP Engagement & Patient Care

At MedicalGoGo, we are passionate about supporting Health Care Professionals (HCPs) to navigate the ever-evolving life sciences sector and optimise patient care. As fellow medics ourselves, we understand the challenges faced by HCPs.

Our mission is to provide manageable solutions that empower HCPs with the latest pharmaceutical innovations and therapeutic advancements. Partnering with Pharma and Biotech companies, we create well-structured, co-ordinated plans to deliver the right content to the right audience at the right time.

With a deep understanding of HCPs’ needs, we build tailored HCP communities and engagement journeys that foster strong advocacy. Through GoGoConnect, our cutting-edge online medical virtual engagement methodology, we facilitate meaningful discussions and maximise medical engagement with key healthcare professionals.

Compliance is paramount in all our activities, and we work closely with ABPI and EFPIA codes in mind. Our in-house experts and NHS connections in various therapy areas enable us to capture valuable insights on patient care practices, data impact, and strategic decision-making.

At MedicalGoGo, we revolutionise HCP engagement to accelerate advocacy and improve patient outcomes. Join us on this transformative journey towards better healthcare.

We’ve got some great news for our pharmaceutical clients.

We understand that healthcare professionals (HCPs) are eager to participate in medical activities that actually add value to their education and are relevant to their practice. We know that time is of the essence, so we don’t waste HCPs’ time with random medical education activities that just tick off a brand plan checklist. These types of activities don’t actually inspire knowledge or advocacy and often feel like a waste of time and energy. That’s why we’ve developed a cutting-edge methodology that will engage with HCPs and create meaningful, deeper discussions that truly build advocacy with the ultimate aim of improving patient care. Our MedicalGoGo advocacy development programme, GoGoConnect, will help accelerate advocacy by several years and up-skill HCP knowledge about new therapies and the evolving science that comes with new products. Let us show you how we can work together to create a learning experience that HCPs will find both useful and enjoyable, while also achieving your brand goals.

Looking for a professional team that can guide you through the world of medical engagement?

Look no further than MedicalGoGo! Our expertise in the industry ensures that all of our activities are carried out in accordance with the ABPI and EFPIA code, meaning you can trust us to make it happen – compliantly. Our team includes in-house experts and we have connections with the NHS in most therapy areas, so you can feel confident that we truly understand the industry inside and out. One of our unique offerings is GoGoConnect, our online medical virtual engagement methodology that uses the latest interactive tools to engage with healthcare professionals. Our programme is designed to help us identify what matters most to HCPs and their patients, so we can develop bespoke, engaging medical activities. With our bespoke dashboard, we can monitor and capture valuable insights on patient numbers, treatment practices, and more. This data can help inform strategic decisions, so you can be sure your segmentation strategy is optimised for success. At MedicalGoGo, we’ve helped many clients connect with key centres that were previously unreachable, making us the perfect partner for anyone looking to make an impact in the medical world.

Advocacy Accelerated

We focus on market expansion

2BR7GWJ 3D illustration of a compass with needdle pointing the text trusted partner. Concept of trustworthy partnership.

As a pharmaceutical or biotech company, choosing the right partner is crucial to your success. Our track record speaks for itself - we have earned the trust of the top companies in the industry worldwide. With our expertise, dedication to quality, and commitment to excellence, we can provide you with the support and guidance you need to achieve your goals. Don't settle for anything less than the best - choose us as your trusted partner and experience the difference firsthand.

We partner with companies who 1) want to accelerate their product launch or 2) increase market penetration quickly or 3) have had problems gaining access to difficult accounts or 4) want to build a community of experts to seek advice and insights.

We have a proven track record and reputation to drive engagement faster than your in-house teams. In-house resource is often limited and confined. We have the reach (depth and breadth of connections) – Put us to the test….challenge us….you won’t be disappointed!

We employ a strategy that will work for out partners – a hybrid, dual or completely outsourced model. Talk to us to find the best fit for you. We are so confident in our proven model that we take all the risk. Thats why we are the number one trusted partner of top firms. 

We only win… when you win….which ultimately means the patient wins!

ONE Connected Solution

One mission

Let every discussion

be a meaningful one

Looking to elevate your medical affairs game? 

Allow MedicalGoGo to be your guide! From driving your ambition to making every single engagement count, we make it our mission to connect healthcare professionals in a meaningful, ongoing conversation. We’re not just here to expand your market, we’re here to ensure that each and every discussion is one that truly makes an impact. 

With our expertly crafted medical affairs activities and powerful community engagement journeys, we’ll help you foster connections and drive success like never before. 

So why wait? Experience the power of MedicalGoGo today and take your medical affairs to the next level!

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Deeper meaningful


We engage with HCPs that you have not been able to reach. We create a bespoke HCP journey plan that starts with the first engagement and moves HCPs up the adoption ladder ……fast.

We offer a deeper solution to advocacy …..we know the ABPI code inside-out……with this knowledge comes powerful innovative solutions. We engage with HCPs on a deeper more connected level – we discuss and explore areas of disease and treatment that HCPs really want to discuss. We then collate and analyse all this data to derive meaningful insights.

We are the only company that can offer this solution…..take charge of your trajectory….don’t let it become a guessing game with an unpleasant surprise at the year-end.

Talk to us…..let’s Go…..lets MedicalGoGo.


Detailed Insights

We create power maps of stakeholders in key accounts, we find the right HCPs, we contact them, we book the appointments, all on a virtual platform. Every interaction is monitored and all insights captured in real-time because we believe real insights should drive real strategy.

Deeper engagement

We engage on a medic-to-medic level, we structure our narratives to drive deep conversations, using interactive technologies and peer to peer engagement. We take discussions to a higher more meaningful level.

Targeted Strategy

Take the guess work out of strategy development. Don't leave your product journey to blow in the wind....take control of your direction.
Build Right, Build Once and Build Strong.

Ready for better engagement?