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Case Study

KOL mapping

A small pharma company were delayed with getting their MAH licence for a new product and when the licence eventually came the team were caught off guard and hadn’t resourced the MSL department adequately and nor did they know who the KOLs were in this area.


The senior management team wanted to know:

  1. How many KOLs operate in this therapy area
  2. The key centres where the experts are located
  3. Who these KOLs are and their influence level
criteria setting


The MedicalGoGo team took 1 hour to collate the criteria of the KOL mapping required by the Pharma company. We had to most of the direction and provide help which the client was lacking, to steer them towards what our expert team felt was needed. We had a pharma specialist medic leading the project from MedicalGoGo.


Within 2 weeks MedicalGoGo had mapped out the whole of the UK with regards to the KOL landscape. We provided key insights that helped the company get back on track with some of their timelines for launch. We identified:

  1. Key centres in the UK
  2. Top KOLs with a ranking of media reach (something the client requested) and full profiles of the top 50 ranked KOLs
  3. Sub specialism of each KOL to further segment the KOL market

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