Case Study

Streamlining copy approval with real-time collaboration

approved by many approvers in the process

A leading drug company leveraged the MedicalGoGo ABPI service to simplify and expedite their copy approval .


A team within a large pharmaceutical company wanted to rethink the copy approval process. Primary goals included:

  1. Finalise copy approval as quickly as possible
  2. Improve the overall copy experience for the medico-marketing team and keep them engaged throughout
  3. Establish a robust repeatable compliant process 
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The pharmaceutical company used MedicalGoGo’s copy approval process, which provides a single, central online platform where any number of reviewers can add contributions and see each other’s input in real-time, from any device, whenever it is convenient for them. Reviewers stayed engaged through built-in tools like push notifications alerting them to new comments and responses, and the ability for the moderator of the job bag to remind reviewers who needed to contribute or respond to a query. The approval process was aligned with their existing Veeva system.

The company kicked off the copy approval process with a 1-hour online session with MedicalGoGo. The next phase was a one-week pilot review phase, during which reviewers tested out the process flow. The reviewers were able to view related resources, make comments or queries, and respond to questions. The final session focused on the roll out and implementation.


With the flexibility of the online discussion platform and document review capability, the pharmaceutical company completely transformed its copy approval process. The company realised several valuable benefits by using the MedicalGoGo platform:

  1. Reduced the timeframe needed to approve documents
  2. Created higher quality documents due to enhanced collaboration
  3. Improved satisfaction

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