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Reinforcing ABPI Code Principles: Weekly Case Studies with Quizzes as an integral part of the Mentorship Programme

Weekly Case Studies and Feedback Quizzes in the ABPI Mentorship Programme: Reinforcing Compliance Knowledge and Practical Understanding


The ABPI Mentorship Programme, incorporates a powerful combination of Weekly Case Studies and Feedback Quizzes to provide mentees with a comprehensive and practical learning experience. These real ABPI completed cases, presented as two per weekly module, immerse mentees in authentic compliance scenarios encountered in the pharmaceutical industry. The accompanying feedback quizzes serve as valuable tools to reinforce key points and enhance mentees’ understanding of the ABPI Code of Practice. Importantly, these quizzes are designed to foster learning, and they are not graded as pass or fail, ensuring mentees feel supported as they develop their compliance knowledge and practical skills.

Weekly Case Studies:

1. Real ABPI Completed Cases: The Weekly Case Studies feature actual ABPI cases that have been resolved successfully, sourced from PMCPA ABPI Repository. Each case represents a complex compliance challenge, providing mentees with invaluable insights into real-world scenarios they may face in their professional roles.

2. Practical Application: The case studies prompt mentees to analyse and evaluate ethical and regulatory implications within a practical context. By immersing themselves in these cases, mentees learn how to apply the ABPI Code of Practice effectively, honing their skills in addressing compliance challenges.

3. Comprehensive Learning: The presentation of two case studies per weekly module ensures mentees encounter a diverse range of compliance scenarios, fostering a holistic understanding of compliance principles and their practical implications.

4. Interactive Discussions: Following the case studies, mentees actively engage in interactive discussions, where they share their perspectives, collaborate, and learn from each other’s experiences. These group discussions encourage critical thinking and provide an opportunity for mentor-guided reflection.

Feedback Quizzes:

1. Reinforcing Key Points: The Feedback Quizzes are strategically designed to reinforce the core concepts and key learnings from the Weekly Case Studies. They serve as a formative assessment tool, providing mentees with valuable feedback on their understanding of the ABPI Code.

2. Non-Graded Approach: The quizzes are not graded as pass or fail, fostering a supportive learning environment where mentees feel encouraged to learn and improve without the fear of judgment. This approach empowers mentees to focus on their growth and development.

3. Self-Assessment: Mentees can self-assess their comprehension of compliance principles through the quizzes, which encourages them to take an active role in their own learning journey.


1. Practical Learning: The Weekly Case Studies enable mentees to develop practical skills in navigating compliance challenges, ensuring they are well-prepared to handle similar scenarios in their professional roles.

2. Continuous Improvement: The non-graded Feedback Quizzes motivate mentees to consistently seek improvement in their compliance knowledge, facilitating ongoing learning and development.

3. Compliance Culture: The combination of case studies and quizzes fosters a compliance-oriented culture within the organization, where employees are encouraged to make ethical decisions in alignment with the ABPI Code of Practice.

4. Risk Mitigation: By exploring real ABPI cases and engaging in reflective learning, mentees become adept at identifying and mitigating potential compliance risks, safeguarding the organization’s reputation.

In Summary:

The ABPI Mentorship Programme’s Weekly Case Studies and Feedback Quizzes provide mentees with an engaging and impactful learning experience. These real-life compliance scenarios offer practical insights into the complexities of adhering to the ABPI Code of Practice, while the quizzes reinforce key points and encourage continuous improvement. The non-graded approach ensures mentees feel supported in their learning journey, promoting a culture of compliance and responsible conduct within the organisation. Overall, the programme is a highly suitable choice for employees seeking to enhance their compliance knowledge and practical understanding in the pharmaceutical industry.

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