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Case Study

Respiratory - virtual advisory board

A medical affairs team within a leading biotech company wanted to identify unmet needs in the treatment of a specific type of respiratory disease.


The medical affairs team had three primary objectives:

  1. Identify unmet needs in the treatment of a specific respiratory disease within a UK patient population
  2. Identify current evidence and data gaps related to the treatment of this disease
  3. Understand HCP education needs in this area
respiratory unmet needs


Three ad boards were convened over a 6 month period with representation from all key stakeholder groups. HCPs who would rarely attend ad boards due to geographical constraints or due to holding key senior positions within the NHS were happy to attend due to the innovative approach adopted to garner advice and feedback. Surveys were developed and completed by all participants pre and post ad aboard. The actual ad board was carried out on a virtual platform and chaired by a GMC registered physician.


All 3 advisory boards resulted in 100% advisor participation and robust feedback. By using the MedicalGoGo platform, the medical affairs team achieved its objectives, including:

  1. Gather country-specific feedback about patient experience and treatment approaches
  2. Collect expert insight about unmet needs
  3. Understand key education needs

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