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Accredited training

training on the ABPI code

The Medicalgogo, ABPI Code Of Practice training gives reviewers and final signatories the opportunity to learn the ‘practical application’ of the new ABPI 2021 Code of Practice. 

By completing the MedicalGoGo training program and becoming a MedicalGoGo certified reviewer or final signatory you will be endorsed to the MedicalGoGo standards which are seen by many as the best in the industry.

MedicalGoGo will be here to support you after the training so you can be confident that you have the ongoing support of experienced final signatories at your fingertips.

ABPI Training

trained on the code

To become certified by MedicalGoGo you will complete a training program using the MedicalGoGo platform. The training program will give you the knowledge and tools you need to embark on your signatory journey.


for success

You will have full support of MedicalGoGo signatories to help you deal with challenging cases and difficult activities. You will remain part of our growing network of final signatories to share and discuss ideas.

Industry leader

Be part 
of a leading network

of final signatories

We drive innovation and solutions. With over 20 years of experience in the field of medical affairs and compliance. We lead where others follow. We have a growing network of final signatories.

As a final signatory you should 
aim for excellence

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Help your clients achieve ABPI code compliance