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Want to join us – And be part of the most friendly, fast growing and successful team…..?

We are a friendly place with unique people – every one is different and thats what makes us great – so come and work with us on your terms?


As a Personal Services Company (Ltd Consultant). 

Many of the contractors that we work with operate under their own personal services company. If you’re set up in this way we will make the arrangements and pay you via your Ltd Company. 

Because this is a business-to-business relationship, we don’t pay NI contributions on your behalf and nor will you be eligible for holidays etc. 

If you’re considering this working arrangement, we recommend that you seek advice from an independent accountant to make sure you comply fully with current legislation.


As an ad-hoc advisor. 

Short term hourly advisory work? manage your own pay.

Work with us on your own terms……sound good?


As temporary staff under Pay-As-You-Earn (PAYE) – agency worker

As a temporary member of staff, we’ll pay you an hourly or daily rate and make tax and NI contributions on your behalf. All temporary contracts have Agency Worker Rights.


Under a Fixed-Term Contract (FTC):

You’ll be employed by MedicalGoGo for a fixed term and you’ll have similar contractual terms as a permanent MedicalGoGo employee. Depending on the length of the fixed term this will also include benefits although for those working on an FTC for a shorter period this won’t be possible but will be taken into account in setting your rate of pay.

As a FTC, there are important differences compared with other contract types, for example, as with a permanent employee, we’ll be more involved in directing and supervising your work on a day-to-day basis and the work is likely to be more variable. Your whole working time will be spent with MedicalGoGo, and as with employees that means you can’t deliver services to other organisations, unless agreed with us.


Come and talk to us – Our philosophy is about real work-life integration

Everyone’s lives are different. Maybe you have a start-up business that only takes up some of your time, or perhaps you volunteer and want to get paid work around volunteering? Or you could be a parent or carer taking time-out to support your family? Or are you semi-retired but still want to supplement your income? Maybe you’ve taken a career break and looking to get back into work?

There are all sorts of reasons why a traditional working pattern may not be quite right for you and why working more flexibly with us could be just what you were looking for. Get in touch and see where you can go with your life…


Current Openings

"Everyone loves doing the work ....honestly, on most days i don't even feel like it's work because i am enjoying the projects that i am working on so much! The open, transparent atmosphere makes you feel really inclusive."