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Engaging ABPI Code Mentorship with Interactive E-modules

Weekly E-learning Modules on Key Topics of the ABPI Code: Reinforcing Compliance Knowledge and Practical Understanding


As an integral part of the ABPI Mentorship Programme, the Weekly E-learning Modules are carefully crafted to encompass ten key topics of the ABPI Code of Practice. Guided by Dr. Anzal Qurbain, these interactive modules provide mentees with a comprehensive and adaptable learning experience. With no pass or fail assessment, the modules focus on reinforcing essential aspects of the ABPI Code, nurturing a deeper understanding of compliance principles and their practical application. These e-learning modules exemplify the programme’s advantages, adherence to compliance, and suitability for employees seeking to enhance their knowledge of pharmaceutical industry compliance in British English.

Weekly E-learning Modules:

1. Basic Principles of the Code: An introductory exploration of the fundamental principles underpinning the ABPI Code, its scope, and its importance in promoting ethical practices within the pharmaceutical industry.

2. Meetings and Congresses: An examination of the compliance requirements and guidelines for organising and participating in meetings and congresses within the industry.

3. Printed Materials: Understanding best practices for compliance with the ABPI Code when producing and distributing printed promotional materials and communications.

4. Public Relations: Delving into the compliance considerations when engaging in public relations activities, ensuring adherence to industry regulations and ethical standards.

5. Patients and General Public: Emphasising the significance of patient-centricity and compliance obligations when interacting with patients and the general public.

6. Donations and Grants and Collaborative Working: Understanding the compliance protocols for handling donations and grants, and engaging in collaborative projects within the pharmaceutical industry.

7. Digital Communications: Navigating the compliance requirements for digital advertising and promotional activities, ensuring adherence to digital communication guidelines.

8. Research: Exploring the ethical considerations and compliance guidelines when conducting research studies within the pharmaceutical industry.

9. Sales Representatives: Understanding the compliance expectations for sales representatives, ensuring they adhere to the ABPI Code while engaging with healthcare professionals and customers.

Module Format:

1. Interactive Content: Each weekly e-learning module encompasses interactive elements, quizzes, case studies, and exercises. This engaging approach ensures active participation and effective learning.

2. Flexibility and Accessibility: The e-learning modules are accessible on a secure digital platform, offering mentees the flexibility to learn at their own pace and convenience, enhancing the learning experience.

3. Guided Reflection: Dr. Anzal Qurbain offers periodic guidance and feedback on mentees’ progress, facilitating a better grasp of the key points covered in each module.


1. Comprehensive Learning: The Weekly E-learning Modules comprehensively cover ten key areas of the ABPI Code, equipping mentees with an in-depth understanding of compliance principles relevant to their roles.

2. Reinforcement of Key Points: The absence of a pass or fail assessment allows mentees to focus on understanding and reinforcing essential aspects of the ABPI Code, fostering a culture of continual improvement and responsible compliance.

3. Practical Application: The interactive format, featuring case studies and quizzes, encourages mentees to apply compliance principles to real-world scenarios, enhancing decision-making skills in their professional roles.

4. Compliance Adherence: The Weekly E-learning Modules align with industry regulations, reinforcing compliance values within the organisation.

5. Customised Learning Experience: The accessible and flexible nature of the e-learning modules accommodates diverse learning styles and individual preferences, making the programme ideally suited for employees with varying learning needs.


The Weekly E-learning Modules, covering ten key topics of the ABPI Code, exemplify the ABPI Mentorship Programme’s commitment to comprehensive compliance education. By reinforcing critical aspects without a pass or fail assessment, these modules nurture a deeper understanding of compliance principles and their practical application. You can be rest assured that this well-structured and engaging learning approach will foster responsible compliance practices among mentees, empowering them to navigate the complexities of the pharmaceutical industry with confidence and integrity.

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