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Case Study

MSL training (Respiratory)

A European medical affairs at a large blue chip pharma company needed to train a team of MSLs which had been recruited for a new product launch.


The main objectives of this training were:

  1. To understand the main study data
  2. To understand the disease landscape
  3. To understand the competitor landscape and commercial strategy


The European based medical affairs team used a virtual approach for the training. This training included several training topics.

The core respiratory training was spread over a week, however the knowledge assimilation continued for 4 weeks. MSLs could concentrate on a single module, at a time that suited them. The MSLs raised and had addressed over 100 questions/issues over this training period.


  1. There was a high participation rate during the four core days
  2. 100% of the MSLs stated that this platform is very effective for knowledge retention
  3. The team assumed a virtual approach for all future sessions

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